Published: 2017-12-01

Original Research

Association of Speed of Decision Making and Change of Direction Speed With The Agility Performance

Erika Zemková, Dušan Hamar
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Page 10-15

Development and Usability Test of an Innovative Low-cost Rehabilitation Game for the Upper Extremities of Neurological Patients

Bernhard Riess, Veronika David, Matthias Scherer, Stefan Kotzian, Mathias Forjan
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 22

Page 34-39

A New Approach That Improves Range of Motion Without Stretching or Pain Comparison With PNF

Vinicius Monteiro Diederichs
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 49

Page 48-53

A Reason For Care in the Clinical Evaluation of Function on The Spectrum of Consciousness

Calixto Machado, Phillip A. DeFina, Mario Estévez, Gerry Leisman, Rafael Rodríguez, Charles Prestigiacomo, Jonathan Fellus, Jim Halper, Mauricio Chinchilla, Eduardo Aubert, Yanín Machado, Yazmina Machado
Abstract 45 | PDF Downloads 31

Page 89-99

Depression Anxiety, Stress and Maladaptive Eating Attitudes in Women with no Physical Exercise

Sarah Mahmood, Sidra Sattar
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The Philosophy of Grasping: Obtaining Knowledge by Location in Space-time

Kirsten Lilli
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Brief Reports and Pilot Studies

Review Article

Enactive and Embodied Learning In Higher Education

Rosa-María Rodríguez-Jiménez, Sonia García-Merino
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 5-9

A Body/Mind Perspective to Enhancing Movement

Annette BoVee-Akyurek, Kara S. Erolin
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 29

Page 66-74

The Engagement of Motor Imagery in Metaphoric Comprehension

Alex Golding
Abstract 537 | PDF Downloads 27

Page 80-88